Judge orders taxi driver’s injury claim that ‘misled solicitors and wasted court time’ be considered for prosecution

A JUDGE has directed that the facts relating to a personal injuries claim by a taxi driver be forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions Claire Loftus for her consideration.

Judge James O’ Donohoe told Chris Nwachukwu of Brega Hamlet Lane, Balbriggan, Co Dublin, that he had misled solicitors and wasted the court’s time in his €60,000 damages claim for personal injuries arising from a traffic accident.

Barrister Shane English, counsel for the defendant Ms Katarina Paucova of Castlegate Way, Adamstown, Lucan, Dublin 22, told the Circuit Civil Court that all invoices submitted by Nwachukwu in relation to alleged expenses all pre-dated the accident.

Mr English, who appeared with Newman Solicitors, said Mr Nwachukwu had submitted invoices totalling €1,279 to the court in respect of physio he had received and a sensor replacement installed in his car.

Counsel said the receipts submitted by Mr Nwachukwu had been from dates before the accident involving Ms Paucova on October 10th 2015. The court heard Nwachukwu had been involved in a number of previous car crashes.

Mr English told the court that Nwachukwu had a total of four damages claims from car crashes and that two had pre-dated his claim against Ms Paucova.

He said the one currently before the court had been in relation to a side impact collision, yet Mr Nwachukwu had submitted receipts for a sensor replacement in his car.

Mr English asked Judge O’Donohoe to dismiss the case on the basis that Mr Nwachukwu had submitted false and misleading evidence to the court.

Barrister John Nolan, counsel for Nwachukwu, told Judge O’ Donohoe that he would not have taken on his client’s case had he been aware of the information that had come to light during the trial.

Judge O’Donohoe said Mr Nwachukwu had not appeared to understand the seriousness of his situation.

Dismissing the €60,000 claim Judge O’Donohoe told Nwachukwu he was awarding costs against him and was going to send details of his case to the Director of Public Prosecutions immediately.