€12k damages for young siblings with breathing issues in damp flat

Three young siblings, who claimed they suffered respiratory problems because of the dampness of their council apartment, have been awarded damages in the Circuit Civil Court.

Their barrister told the court that since siblings Christian (16), Nathan (10) and Macey (6) Preston moved out of their previous home at Carlton Hall, Shelmartin Avenue, Marino, Dublin, in September last year, their respiratory problems have improved.

Their barrister said the damp in the apartment had become apparent in 2011.

The children’s mother, Danielle Preston, made several complaints about the damp issue to Dublin City Council, who inspected the property and installed dehumidifiers.

The family’s barrister said the Prestons ultimately left the property and were relocated to Donnycarney, where they now live.

Their barrister said the local authority had made settlement offers of €3,000 for each of the Preston children.

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