*Medical Negligence and Plastic Surgery Malpractice

Unfortunately there are times when the standard of care we receive from the medical profession falls below an acceptable level. In Ireland when a case of *medical negligence results in injury or illness, or the deterioration of an existing condition, you are entitled to *claim compensation.

Some common examples of situations that may involve *medical negligence include:

  • Failure to diagnose an illness, or improper diagnosis
  • Failure to treat an illness or incorrect treatment of an illness
  • Improper administration of medication or anaesthesia
  • Failure to order tests or to interpret results correctly
  • Failure to consult with a specialist
  • Birth injury or birth trauma
  • Contraction of Hospital Acquired Infection such as MRSA and C- Difficile
  • Surgical procedures that are unnecessary, or done without consent

Dillon Geraghty & Co. Solicitors have acted in many and varied *medical negligence cases and have the necessary expertise and network of medical experts on hand to prosecute legitimate claims successfully.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of what you believe was *medical negligence while in hospital in Ireland, or while under the care of any medical professional, you should immediately seek expert legal advice about making your *medical negligence claims. One of the major difficulties when *claiming compensation for medical negligence in Ireland is the time that is available to compile and present a case in court before it becomes “time-barred”. The law allows up to two years from the “date of knowledge” of *medical negligence in which to make a *claim for medical negligence in Ireland. Getting access to case notes and medical records can take some time and the medical expert most relevant to your case may not be immediately available, so immediate action is preferable.

Symphysiotomy *Medical Negligence Compensation Claims
Dillon Geraghty Solicitors are intently tracking the efforts being made to allow the victims of symphysiotomy *medical negligence from many years ago extra time to *claim compensation. At present the majority of women who underwent symphysiotomy operations without their knowledge or consent are being denied their opportunity to make symphysiotomy *medical negligence compensation claims due to the two-year Statute of Limitations.

Dillon Geraghty & Co Solicitors strongly support the argument that the government should waive the Statute of Limitations for symphysiotomy compensation claims.

For free expert advice on your symphysiotomy case you can talk to us now by calling us on 0469432583 or complete our online questionnaire and we will contact you. We will be able to inform you of the current state of affairs in relation to the Statute of Limitations being waived and whether you will be able to make symphysiotomy *medical negligence claims in the future.

Cosmetic Surgery/Beauty Treatment Malpractice
While there are no precise figures on the current size of the Irish cosmetic surgery market, UK statistics support the theory that the industry is defying the recession and growing steadily.

In Ireland cosmetic surgery remains an unregulated industry, there being currently no regulations or licensing requirements whatsoever. While the majority of clinics operating in Ireland are reputable, this lack of regulation means that practitioners with inadequate credentials and training have been carrying out invasive surgical procedures.

The Medical Defence Union, which provides insurance cover to doctors in the UK and Ireland, issued a statement in 2006 estimating that £8.5 million had been paid out by it for claims over poor cosmetic surgery in the previous 10 years. Breast and facial surgery accounted for most of the claims.

A good cosmetic surgeon will:

  • Be suitably qualified as a cosmetic surgeon
  • Inform you of the benefits of cosmetic enhancements
  • Discuss the risks with you in detail
  • Outline the alternatives available to you
  • Give you a cooling off period whilst you think about the best course of action for you
  • Perform the procedure in question with proper skill and due care.

If you have suffered injury due to a botched cosmetic procedure or if you were not advised of relevant risks prior to your procedure Dillon Geraghty & Co Solicitors can assist you in recovering losses sustained by you and compensation.

* In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any settlement.