Commercial Law and Litigation

Commercial Law (sometimes known as business law) is the body of law which governs business and commerce. Dillon Geraghty & Co Solicitors provide quality legal advice during the evolution of business from set-up to sale and can advise on all types of commercial transaction and indeed dispute.

Commercial Contracts and Agreements
We can prepare and review Company Formation documentation, Share Purchase and Shareholder Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Employment Contracts, Patent, Trade Mark and Copyright Agreements, Agency and Franchise Agreements, Transfer of Undertakings, etc.

At Dillon Geraghty & Co. we are firmly of the view that clear, properly drafted contracts and agreements avoid disputes and can stem the threat of litigation.

Commercial Litigation
If litigation proves unavoidable Dillon Geraghty & Co. Solicitors can provide full plaintiff and defence support to your business at all Court levels and via arbitration.

Corporate insolvency has reached record levels as a result of the current economic downturn. Dillon Geraghty & Co. Solicitors can be of service to Company Directors, Liquidators and Creditors specifically in the following areas:

  • Advising and acting for company directors in the preparation and presentation of creditors’ meetings and the voluntary winding up of limited companies.
  • Processing and defending proceedings to restrict or disqualify directors of companies in liquidation.
  • Representing clients at creditors’ meetings convened by debtor companies.
  • Advising liquidators of insolvent companies.
  • Retention of title of goods claimed by creditors
  • Debts owed to an insolvent company
  • Advice on proper conduct of directors of an insolvent company

Debt Collection
We offer a full debt collection service to business clients, ranging from a Solicitor’s letter of demand, to obtaining judgment, and enforcing judgment through the Sheriff, or by registering it to appear in trade gazettes, such as Stubbs Gazette. We can also register judgments against a person’s property, and apply to have that property sold to discharge the debt, as well as interest and costs.